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What is ISO 21502?

ISO 21502:2020: "Project, Programme and Portfolio Management - Guidance on Project Management" is the international standard for project management. It is applicable to most organizations, including public and private organizations and it is not dependent on the size or the type of the organization.

ISO 21500 vs. ISO 21502

•Although ISO 21500 was first released in 2012 as the Guidance on Project Management, it eventually became a standard family in 2021, hence replaced by ISO 21502 as the standard guide on project management. It is somewhat comparable to ISO 9000 vs. ISO 9001, where ISO 9000 is a family of quality management standards and ISO 9001 is the standard that millions of organizations get certified.

•Therefore, in order to get certified about the knowledge and implementation of project management in your organization, ISO 21502 is the applicable standard.

Who can get ISO 21502 Certificate?

•As mentioned above, ISO 21502 certificate is applicable to organizations, regardless of their size or type. provides a valid and reliable certification service for organizations.

However, it is also possible for a person to get a training certificate which demonstrates her/his competence in ISO 21502 Standard. provides a personal "Competence in ISO 21502" Certificate, declaring that the certificate holder received training and passed the tests successfully to become competent in ISO 21502.

Why should you get ISO 21502 Certificate?

•ISO 21502 Certificate indicates that you / your organization has the required knowledge about project management methods and implementation of those methods for better management.

•It is globally recognized and a merit that demonstrates the project management skills of you, your executive personnel and managers.

•It can be a condition or requirement for some contracts and bids.

•Your customers will know that you plan your projects correctly, execute your projects efficiently and provide top-quality products and services thanks to better project management.

Why should you get certificate from

•Reputation and recognition of, the first dedicated online certification platform for ISO 21502 standard, with valid certification process involving training and tests.

•Our top-class project management experts, having PMI membership and unmatched experience.

•Our genuinely prepared comprehensive guides and original training material (see disclaimer at the bottom).

•Authentic online tests that measure your organization’s knowledge as well as the success of implementation.

•Our database of certified people / organizations, so that your customers can easily validate your certificate.

How to get online ISO 21502 Certification?

We have integrated our service with Udemy for better training experience!

How much does it cost?

We have integrated our service with Udemy for better training experience!

Disclaimer: is a for-profit organization, aiming to provide certificates which declares the certificate holder received training, passed online tests and implements the standard to its projects. Since ISO 21502 standard and other standards under ISO 21500 family are guidance documents, the certificates are non-accredited. prepares the training material all by itself, genuinely and authentically, uses references properly and does not share or distribute copyrighted material (e.g. the standard documents themselves), abides the ethical rules regarding plagiarism. has no ties with ISO - International Organization for Standardization.